Apple Schoolwork is here… sort of

The best way to learn is by doing and making. The Schoolwork app helps you and your students more effectively use the creative power of iPad. You can easily distribute and collect assignments, keep an eye on student progress in educational apps, and collaborate one on one with students from anywhere, in real time. It’s easy for students to use, too. Assignments automatically appear on their iPad, organized by class, due date, and priority. And Schoolwork helps you keep track of how everyone in class is doing — so you can tailor your teaching to the needs of each of your students.

Epson Projector Manuals

Hello peeps

I have uploaded the Epson projector user guides. These guides should be your first port of call for help regarding projectors. There are two guides, one for the 5xx series and the 6xx series projectors. To determine which projector you have just look up! Does it have a 5xx or 6xx on it… I’ll let you work that one out.

For the guides click here

Users must be logged out of iCloud before joining the school’s network

If a iPad is signed into iCloud. That iPad will constantly be prompting for proxy username and password. The constant prompting of username and password will drive everyone MAD! Furthermore, the student will eventually keep choosing ‘cancel’ and eventually the iPad will then not work on the network altogether!

If you are interested in the reason why the iPads do that here at school, it is because the iCloud network is blocked.

So please log out of iCloud before coming into school.

I have made a nice and simple How To guide to show you how to log out for all IOS devices here

Pizza Fractions 1


Ranked a top 100 iPad education app in the United States, March 2015, Pizza Fractions offers a simple, visually-based introduction to fractions for elementary school kids

Multiplication For Kids

Multiplication For Kids

A great app for kids to learn all the times tables from 0 to 20. A fantastic way to practice the basic multiplication skills with ten increasing levels of difficulty. Best for kids who want to study their times tables and practice simple multiplication problems.