How to Setup Classroom App

Introducing Classroom
Classroom is an app designed by Apple to be a teaching assistant tool, helping teachers guide and manage students and their devices.

The app helps teachers to move students through lessons, see their current progress and provide actions to help keep them on track. It uses both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to connect and communicate with nearby student devices.

With Classroom, teachers can launch apps, websites and books to the entire class or specific students. Teachers can view screens, keep abreast of student progress or keep them focused by locking the devices into apps, books or the lock screen.



There are two options for classes:
1. Admin-created class
An “admin created class” is the term given to classes in which an Administrator utilises a Mobile Device Management (MDM) server to enrol devices, students and create classes.

2. Teacher-created class (THIS IS THE ONE WE USE)
A “teacher-created class” is where a teacher creates a class without any MDM server. They setup a class on their device and then enrolment information is broadcasted via Bluetooth to nearby devices. Students can simply join by entering a four-digit PIN provided by the teacher.

A student can add more than one class, created by the same or different teachers. Students can easily move from room to room with their iPad.

The recommended option is for schools to use teacher-created classes, as it allows the teacher to make on-the-spot changes and is suitable for both BYO and school-owned devices (provided access to join a teacher created class is not restricted by the school’s blueprint).

Setting up Classroom
The instructions below detail how a teacher can create a Teacher-created class.

Teacher setup:
1. Download and launch the app (ON TEACHERS IPAD)

2. Enter your details
Enter your name and add an avatar of yourself.
The avatar will be seen by students when they join the class, share files or when you are assisting them.






3. Create your class
i. Select Create New Class
ii. Enter a name and assign a colour to represent it.







4. Invite students
i. Click Add and give the invitation code to your students










ii. As students join your class, you will see their names and photos appear. Tap Add to add them to your class










Students do not need to download the app, only join the class:

1. Join class
Once the teacher has setup the class and has given the invitation code
i. Go to Settings > Classroom








This is where the student can configure the following options:
Join Classes: automatically or manually Allow the Teacher to: Lock Apps and Device and AirPlay and View Screen
Have the student configure these as desired.

ii. Under new class invitation, select the Class







iii. Enter the invitation code and click Add

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