iOS 11.4 is here

Good news my peeps iOS 11.4 is out!

The good news is really good news if you use a HomePod. 11.4 update introduces the most advanced, easy to use, wireless multi-room audio system using AirPlay 2 to play music in any room from any room, move music from one room to another or play the same song everywhere using an iOS device (well that is what apple say)

More good news but not for users within the schools network as this feature is restricted – Messages on iCloud: free up space on your iPhone by keeping photos and other attachments in iCloud – see all your messages as soon as you sign into a new iPhone, iPad, or Mac – deleted messages and conversations are removed from all your devices.

Even more good news but once again not for users within the schools network: Schoolwork is made for teachers to hand out information, make assignments, and keep track of their students’ progress. ClassKit is for developers of educational apps. It allows them to designate different activities and information in their apps so that teachers can use them with Schoolwork.

Ok ok I know I have used the term ‘good news’ for the features 11.4 bring to the party. But the reality for us users within the departments network is that these features are not available to us. However, it is a sign of the times. Things are a changing! The ‘i’ in iPad or iPhone which stands for ‘individual’ is slowly starting to become more suited to the class room enviroment


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